bill gerba

I love solving problems with focused, creative thinking and the judicious application of technology.
And sometimes, a hammer.

For most of my career, I've worked on:

Digital signage systems: Whether used for employee communications and safety training in back-room networks, or placed in retail stores and mall concourses to advertise products, I've worked on well over 100 networks in the past 17 years.

Interactive kiosks: When used properly, self-service tech can offer a high ROI and enable transactions that would never otherwise happen. I've worked on everything from sweepstakes applications to instant credit issuance, and know how hard is to deploy applications that will offer real value to customers.

IoT and M2M: By adding remote management to traditionally dumb devices like parking meters, industrial control systems and even water coolers, I've helped product manufacturers gain insight and agility (and sometimes new revenue streams) by leveraging the "Internet of Things".

Marketing automation: Growing a company is hard. But it's easier when you can use technology to automate the tedium. I've worked on projects ranging from predictive analytics to customer lifecycle management, both for customers and at my own home firm.