Bill Gerba

I solve problems with focused, creative thinking and the judicious application of technology. And sometimes, a hammer.

I'm an expert with:

Digital signage systems: Whether used for employee communications and safety training in back-room networks, or placed in retail stores and mall concourses to advertise products, I've worked on well over 100 networks in the past 17 years.

Interactive kiosks: When used properly, self-service tech can offer a high ROI and enable transactions that would never otherwise happen. I've worked on everything from sweepstakes applications to instant credit issuance, and know how hard is to deploy applications that will offer real value to customers.

IoT and M2M: By adding remote management to traditionally dumb devices like parking meters, industrial control systems and even water coolers, I've helped product manufacturers gain insight and agility (and sometimes new revenue streams) by leveraging the "Internet of Things".

Marketing automation: Growing a company is hard. But it's easier when you can use technology to automate the tedium. I've worked on projects ranging from predictive analytics to customer lifecycle management, both for customers and at my own home firm.


Co-Founder & CEO

WireSpring Technologies

Co-founded and managed a 15-person software company that develops applications and cloud services for interactive kiosks, digital signage and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the retail, foodservice, healthcare and government markets. . Oversaw all operations and managed all teams, acting as:

  • Product Design Manager
    • Produced product design plans, wireframe and finished renderings, user flow diagrams and product requirement documents.
    • Worked directly with clients and the development team to refine UX elements, write comprehensive product specifications and guide implementation.
  • Project Manager
    • Lead a team of 5-7 full stack and low-level software developers, 3 QA engineers and 1-5 outside consultants.
    • Used Agile practices to manage hundreds of projects ranging from simple, 1-to-2 day jobs to multi-month, multi-disciplinary programs.
  • Business Development Director
    • Responsible for developing >$25M in new business.
    • Designed and executed web, mail, email and phone marketing campaigns.
    • Spoke at 50+ venues worldwide on topics from effective content design to cloud-based data collection analysis.
  • Marketing Director
    • Wrote and published articles in hundreds of trade publications for target vertical markets.
    • Wrote and maintained the digital signage industry’s largest blog at the time (with 18,000+ subscribers).
    • Implemented marketing automation software to perform long-term lead and newsletter management tasks.
  • Software Developer
    • Developed the cloud infrastructure and REST API used to manage 25,000+ connected digital signage and IoT nodes around the world.
    • Contributed HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for the web-based front-end for all management tools.
  • Cloud Services Manager
    • Reduced the firm’s cost per IoT node by nearly 10X using a hybrid cloud system of Docker containers and lightweight Linux VMs in conjunction with traditional cloud instances running on Amazon AWS.
    • Implemented Kibana with ElasticSearch for data aggregation and reporting.
May 2000 - Present


Duke University

Bachelor of Arts
Cultural Anthropology

Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Design & Prototyping
  • Wireframes and UI renders with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • User flows with Visio, PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Interactive demos with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Lead harvesting with
  • Patent research with PatFT, AppFT and PTRC databases
  • Strong Google search-fu
  • Data aggregation with Kibana and Redis
  • Organization with SQL, ElasticSearch, Perl
  • Visualization with Tableau, Excel, C3/D3.js
  • Front-end with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular.js
  • Back0end with Apache, Node.js,, Perl, SQL
  • Testing with Postman, Selenium
  • Deployment on Windows, OSX, Linux, Amazon AWS/EC2/S3, Docker
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict management skills
  • Always willing to listen to constructive criticism, suggestions and recommendations

Business Writing Portfolio